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Anthony Bourdain, The Tourism Real Estate Legacy He Leaves Behind

by admin on June 15, 2018
Anthony Bourdain, The Tourism Real Estate Legacy He Leaves Behind

Anthony Bourdain has become famous for going to “Parts Unknown” all over the world. From his travels, his audience was not only treated to dishes from around the globe, but also got a taste of what it was like to visit and live in those places. From South East Asia to every tip of Africa, Bourdain treated his viewers to a viewing frenzy of food, culture, customs, travel, and real estate.

Boosting Restaurants

Through its reported loyal 820,000 + fanbase who tune in to Parts Unknown on CNN every week, to the millions worldwide who watch, Anthony Bourdain is certainly a celebrity that brings viewers and followers with him when he traveled. Wherever he went, new found fame coupled with a high increase in tourism followed. In May 2016, Bourdain posted a picture of himself and Barak Obama, having lunch in a modest, generic eatery in Hanoi, Vietnam located on Le Van Huu. The unpretentious eatery has become Hanoi’s most bustling bún chả hotspot ever since. The restaurants real estate value has gone up several times since that picture went on post went viral.

The Bourdain Effect on Real Estate

Earlier this year, Anthony Bourdain and the his show Parts Unknown visited Newfoundland and Labrador. The episode resulted in a 207 per cent spike in visitors to during the show’s airing and the following week, the tourism department reported 1,161 visits compared to 378 during the same time the previous week. Immediately, real estate agents in the area reported more buyer activity. Once agent even stated that he received a lead from the a woman in Los Angeles who was considering Newfoundland as a retirement location for herself and her husband after seeing promotions for the Parts Unknown episode.

At International Real Estate . News, we are saddened by this loss.

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to his family and friends left behind.

Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama – Hanoi

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