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Estate Sales

Stephen Wald is a Real Estate Broker with more than 34 years of experience specializing in Estate Sales in New York. Most often, estate properties are sold at below market values because the executors, attorneys and heirs don’t know where to begin when an estate property needs to be sold. Our areas of expertise in Estate Sales include the following:

  • Correct market valuation of Cooperative and Condominium apartments as well as Single and multi-family townhouse properties
  • Strategic marketing and Professional Staging of Estate Properties
  • Facilitate the removal of personal property and furniture as well as assist with property cleanup
  • Resource for real estate appraisers, liquidation firms and auction houses
  • NYS Unified Court System Part 36: Court Approved Broker
  • Listed in THE REAL DEAL Magazine Top 25 Manhattan Firms by Closed Sales (2018)

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Whether you are executors, attorneys, potential buyers or just want to know more about estate property sale, you can schedule an appointment either by phone or in person. I am always happy to help.


The Stoler Report Stephen Wald on Estate Sales

What's an estate property sale?

An estate sale is the sale of property whose owner is deceased. Those who inherit the home get the proceeds from the sale. If the owner dies without naming someone in the will to sell the house, an estate sale is called a probate sale, because a probate court appoints a relative or friend of the deceased to handle the sale. “Estate condition” is a euphamism to gently say that nothing has been updated in a very long time and that the property probably needs updating and renovation. An estate sale may or may not be in estate condition.

Current Estate Listings:

310 West 101st Street (Estate of Rosenthal) Townhouse

114 Waverly Place (Townhouse)

Closed Estate Sales Transactions (Partial List):

60 West 68th Street (Estate of Baron) Coop

37-39 Perry Street (Estate of Virginia Thoren) Townhouse

310 Riverside Drive (Estate of Everett) Coop

205 West 57th Street, The Osborne (Estate of fashion designer Fernando Sanchez & Estate of Maria Watts) Coop