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Tips for buying an estate property

by Meng on May 5, 2019

The sale price of an estate property may seem reasonable, however it is equal to the amount of work needed. Buyers should take the cost of major improvements into consideration such as replacing outdated and dangerous electrical wiring, fixing plumbing troubles and holes in the sewer line. In some listings the descriptions says “bring your contractor, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to make your real estate dream come true.”  The real estate dream is also built on money.

During negotiations some buyers felt unsure how to act. They may feel a little conflicted.  The executors of the deceased may not be attached to the house, but it is an fact that the they just lost their beloved one. It is still emotional time for the sellers. However, they weren’t selling this house to buy another house. They may not want play the fact it is extra income for the sellers. Buyers should work with an experienced estate broker who can deal with the negotiations professionally.

Buyers also should have the property inspected by a qualified home inspector and use an experienced real estate attorney to ensure they are protected legally.

Tips for buying estate sale


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